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3349 E. Stone Dr.
Kingsport, TN 37660

Mon.-Thurs. 8a-7p EST
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Sat 10a-3p EST
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Visit our shop in Kingsport, Tennessee

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Call the Sales and Tech Line @ 423-722-5152. to set up a tour.


  • Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm EST
  • NEW Friday hours: 8am-2pm EST
  • Saturday 10am-3pm EST (seasonal, please call to confirm)
  • Technicians: Available 10am till 6pm EST. 

Our Staff

Skip White - Engine Sales /Help with choosing engine specs such as cam and intake choice that's correct for your application/ Customer Service 

Direct Line : 423-782-1323  or Main Line 423-722-5152 Ext 115



Big Al - Engines, cyl heads and rotating assemblies Sales/ Customer Service and Technical info.  

Direct Line : 423-405-0174 or Main Line : 423-722-5152 Ext 107



George R. - Engine Shipping Department, Tracking Your Engine, or Short Block. 

Direct Line 423-405-6276  or Main Line 423-722-5152 Ext 103 



Engine Room - Specs on engines, cam choice, intake, etc, rotating assemblies and cyl. heads.

Troubleshooting problems with engines. Email your request please.

Main Line : 423-722-5152 



Robin S. - Cyl heads and rotating assemblies, engines Sales/ Customer Service and Technical info.  

Direct Line : 423-435-0368   or Main Line : 423-722-5152 Ext 126


Blondie (Sandy) - Customer Service, and sales & General Information

Direct Line :423-435-0368 or Main Line :423-722-5152 Ext 126


Taylor - Accounting, Sales and General Information

Direct Line 423-435-0177 or Main Line 423-722-5152 Ext. 125 


Zach - Customer Service, and sales & General Information

Direct Line :423-435-0368 or Main Line :423-722-5152  Ext 126