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This polished aluminum three barrel air scoop is a favorite at our store. No air scoop on the market has such a serious race look to it. This is the air scoop we presently have on our company race car. Hardware and linkage included. This air scoop can be used in dual four barrel setups as well as a single unit. This is a very well made item, and certainly gives a car a stunning drag car look. The air cleaner elements are included. You can reverse the butterfly plates and they are black. As you can see this setup comes with all the needed hardware. Many of the air scoops on the market do not come with this hardware. This can be setup to operate on a single four barrel carb. A partition plate is supplied for single carb. operation.

 photo 220f_1_sbl.jpg photo 6c9e_1_sbl.jpg

We recommend using a throttle return spring kit, unless you have a good return spring setup on your carb. The one mounted at the base of the driver's side of the carb is not included. The throttle cable going to the firewall is also not included. We offer these other items in our listings. If you have any questions concerning application, please give us a call at 423-722-5152.

The throttle bracket and cable that is mounted on the side of the carb is not included. We offer those in our other listings. The "S" shaped rod that hooks to the carb is included. See the pictures below for a detailed layout of all the parts included.

 photo 05e1_1_sbl.jpg  photo 04a6_1_sbl.jpg

 photo 0016_1_sbl.jpg

 photo 035e_1_sbl.jpg

The linkage from the air scoop to the carb is included. It is shown in the picture below as the "S shaped rod" on the left.

 photo f9ea_1_sbl.jpg

 photo 55ef_1_sbl.jpg

Carburetor Quantity: Single or dual
Scoop Mounting Flange: 5 1/8 in. (4-barrel)
Hood Scoop Style: Street scoop
Filter Element Included: Yes
Functional Inlet Butterflies: Yes
Butterfly Linkage Included: Yes
Hardware Included: Yes
Butterfly Shape: Round
Overall Length (in): 20.000 in.
Overall Width (in): 12.500 in.
Overall Height (in): 4.000 in.
Scoop Material: Aluminum
Scoop Finish: Polished
Quantity: Sold individually.

Throttle bracket and cable not included.

 photo 1c9f_1_sbl.jpg
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  1. From ebay user m***c

    Excellent quality product arrived fast very happy customer

    Reviewed by m***c on Dec. 1, 2016, 5:34 a.m. | Permalink

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  2. From ebay user _***e

    Good quality however red butterflies anodizing inconsistent between all three

    Reviewed by _***e on Dec. 1, 2016, 11:46 a.m. | Permalink

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